SPE Regions Final Contest of “Petrobowl”

We are happy to inform you that SPE Poland Section during 2017 “East Meets West” Congress will hold Europe, North Sea and Russia & Caspian SPE Regions Final Contest of “Petrobowl”.

As SPE Poland Section we are obliged to prepare few hundred questions for the above contest. The questions should be based on the data which can be found at following sources:
• Schlumberger Glossary - http://www.glossary.oilfield.slb.com/
• PetroWiki - http://petrowiki.org/PetroWiki
• PetroWiki Glossary of Industry Terminology - http://petrowiki.org/Category%3AGlossary
• Schlumberger Oilfield Review Defining Series - http://www.slb.com/…/oilfield_revi…/or_en_intro_article.aspx
• Industry statistics - http://www.spe.org/industry/statistics.php
• Engineering and Technology History Wiki - http://ethw.org/Main_Page
• OnePetro - https://www.onepetro.org/
• All SPE publications - http://www.spe.org/publications/

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